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Paranormal Tours

Experience the house and grounds at night!

For private groups, contact us at 319-800-8805

For public events, Victorian Views has partnered with Riverside Iowa Paranormal (R.I.P.) to offer ghost hunts open to the public. Tickets are available here

"We went to visit this beautiful mansion on Feb 18th 2023 without knowing what this home had to offer, and let me tell you, when we arrived, the mansion was so welcoming from both the living and the spirits.  We got all set up and just hung out a bit so the mansion could get used to us and as soon as it did, well, lets just say the walls started speaking.


We were able to capture EVPs*, anomalies, and just good old fashioned intelligent responses to our equipment. We still don't have all the history (good or bad) of this mansion and the land it sits on. We are excited as we continue our visits that more of those stories will come to life.


I would definitely recommend this location if you are a true investigator who loves not just the haunt of the location but all the history still to be uncovered."

Michelle Reuss, Founder

Riverside Iowa Paranormal (R.I.P)

* EVP - Electronic Voice Phenomenon

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